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Let's Fail Together


There are so many ways to say the same thing. Where do I begin?

As a teacher, trainer, coach and someone who really cares I find it disconcerting when one of my pupils, disciples, trainees comes to me with this… “I was speaking to another real estate agent and he/she said…”

The “said” is usually something not only ignorant, not only stupid, but almost always negative and misinformed. So, who would want to listen to a loser talking about losing? 

ANOTHER LOSER!!! Who else? 

WINNERS do not have inane conversations about inane topics dealing with what IS NOT WORKING!


In fact, it actually makes me angry. I find my pulse start to race. My chest tightens. My eyes start to actually see a red colour and the pores in my skin constrict forcing my hair (and I have so little to spare) stand on end. And I finally understand what it must feel like to want to become proficient with a bull whip. 

And I’m really not sure if it’s the other sales person who should get whipped or the sales person in front of me telling me that he/she actually participated in this ridiculous conversation.

“Why does this bother me so much?”, I ask myself. The answer is because unlike most of the 80% of brokerages with 10 sales people or less, unlike the majority of the 36,000+- TREB member sales people in the GTA who do not have it available to them, I offer tools, systems and personal training for FREE, and I do so at ridiculous hours of the day or evening in the weekday or weekends, and am available by cell phone almost always.

So if the sales people in my office have all this available to them, why would someone engage in a negative conversation with a loser sales person and give in to the loser mentality and the loser way of doing business (which usually means not doing business at all)?

I obviously cannot relate to this. I cannot understand this. But let me hazard a guess…

Buying in to the negative is an easy way to copout. It’s an excuse to not do. It’s an excuse for not doing. And it’s a convenient way to blame others and circumstances, or the market place, or the economy, or the banks, or the government, or the broker, or even your spouse and children for your unfortunate inability to make things happen. LOSER MENTALITY.

And, hey, if you think I’m talking about you or to you… well, if the shoe fits…

So, what’s the alternative? Stop listening to those losers! It’s that simple. Even if you won’t or can’t call me, there are so many options available with today’s access to world-wide information that you should never get into a conversation of this nature with anyone who is not in the know. 

How can you avoid this?

Without outing this persona as an idiot, the solution is as simple as saying, “I appreciate you sharing your opinions with me, but I like to make up my own mind about how things are. Let me research it and I will get back to you so we can discuss it intelligently.” Then leave and never call this persona again. 

If you believe, as I do, that gossip is venom delivered by nasty snakes, this type of misinformation is just as venomous, and the snake who is trying to deliver the poison is crawling on his/her belly same as any other snake.

Do I sound venomous? It’s not venom I am delivering, but an antiserum to equalize the venom and give you a perspective on how dangerous negativism can be to your personal as well as professional life.

And by the way, if you don’t like what I am saying, if you don’t agree, do what I have been suggesting all along… WALK AWAY!



Sam Green B.A.

Career Coach, Manager

Re/Max West Realty Inc.

Thornhill Office

Off:  905-731-3948

Cell: 416-473-3470


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