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Negotiating is Like Driving

While he was growing up my son learned to drive by watching me. Anyone can learn how; it doesn’t take much. Some drivers are better than others. 

Billions of people drive. Millions of people drive for a living… buses, taxis, trucks. Only a handful, worldwide, drive race cars… at mind-numbing speeds. 

Is it because they are more talented at racing than the rest of us? Maybe. But also maybe they have been given the opportunity and trained how to race cars. 

In our everyday lives, driving is not typically a matter of life and death. There is usually no urgency so great that we need to risk our lives. In racing, there can only be one winner, so the rewards, like the risks, are much greater. And the winner in a field of many trained, talented and elite professional race cars drivers may only become the winner with a split second to rise above the field. There is usually one “something” which sets the winner apart… time after time… because the winners are usually the ones you see over and over again. That is no accident. That is not a matter of luck.

Negotiating is just like driving. There are billions of people in the world who believe they know how to negotiate. And they do alright when it comes to chipping away at the price of a rug, or a piece of jewelry or even something as big as a car. Every child who has seen his parent walk away feeling like a winner because that parent was able to shave back the price of a thingamabob at a tourist store on some island during their vacation, and tried it himself, will soon believe he can negotiate – just the same way my son thought he could learn to drive. 

What most of us fail to recognize is that like driving a high speed race car with a value of a million dollars or more, negotiating is an art form, and negotiating the price of a house worth a million dollars or more is no child’s play, and not to be taken lightly, or given to an amateur.

When negotiating the sale of a property, the process is much more complicated than just agreeing on or winning at a price. There are no less than seven different forms of negotiations to use after the parameters of the situation have been carefully studied and analyzed. We must figure out the motivations, take into consideration the types of the opponents in the rink as well as any interference we might encounter from external influences such as family and friends, consider and deal with any stressors that might enter the fray (such as family dynamics or frictional priorities), and of course the time lines involved. It is only then that we can choose our tactics and tools for the process of making the endeavor seem to be seamless.

And all this without getting ourselves and our personalities implicated in the process. 

It may not be death-defying, but negotiating is at times like trying to walk on water. The trick to walking on water, as a far smarter person than I had once said, is “knowing where the stones are”.

I teach negotiating skills to my sales people. They learn where the stones are. They learn how to drive that screaming race card around the track and how to bring it into the finish line ahead of the competition. This is what I do. I train others.  I give them the systems, tools and education, as well as the positive energies to bring home the trophies. Because, after all, that’s why we are all in the game - TO WIN! And in order to win, time and time again, we must rise above the thousands and hundreds of thousands who believe they can negotiate. We must be like that handful of elite drivers who can take control of an expensive piece of equipment and using our training, our experience and as a result our abilities in order to WIN not just for ourselves, but for the whole team.

When you join me on my team, I will teach you how to bring home the Trophy, the Gold… how to WIN!

Sam Green B.A.

Career Coach, Manager

Re/Max West Realty Inc.

Thornhill Office



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