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The Power of the Follow Up

It is baffling that so many realtors let business slip right through their fingers by not following up on a potential lead. Many people would ascribe this to laziness, and perhaps it is. But with the loss of potential income, there has to be much more beneath the surface than just apathy.

Reasons For Not Following Up

  • Not wanting to appear presumptuous. While following up too frequently will come across as brash, it is quite rare to find a salesperson of any type who will cross the line from engaged to pushy. 
  • Considering how busy many realtors can be, it can be easy to forget to follow up. This is not a great excuse, but realistically speaking it happens to most of us.
  • Making false assumptions about your lead can sabotage your efforts. Let's say you follow up with a phone call and leave a sincere message. When they don't immediately return your call it's easy to assume that they are not interested. Do not assume anything. They could easily have been sick, or simply just forgot.
  • Lack of training. Some people have no idea even how to follow up with a lead. 

Whatever the reasons may be, there are many reasons to stop letting business slip through your fingers.

The Power of The Follow Up

When you are responding to questions  and meeting new contacts, spending the little bit of time required to follow up with them can often be the reason a lead converts to a sale. The simple act of reaching out can turn hesitation into a decision, especially if they seem on the fence, or if they are being courted by other realtors.

Following up with them does not make you pushy when you are recommending a solution to their housing needs, especially if they have expressed enthusiasm about a property in the past. Here is what is going through a customer's mind when you follow up with them.

  • They are on your mind. People like to be thought of, and this can be flattering.
  • Their time and their needs are important to you.
  • You are dedicated and prepared to go the distance to find them exactly what they are looking for.
  • You are anxious to work with them, and prepared to deal with any challenges that might come up.
  • They are a priority.
  • You are steady and dependable.

The simple act of following up is an excellent way to remind them that you are doing everything in your power to find them what they need. It also gives you ample opportunity to engage them in a mutually beneficial relationship, which ultimately can prove to be profitable. Instead of forgetting to follow up, or assuming that you are being pushy, make it a priority to reach out to them and build your business one happy customer at a time.


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