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Training & Coaching

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Training & Coaching

Both Coaching and Training are an intrinsic part of our Realtors success and RE/MAX West ensures our Realtors receive the best of both in the Industry.

First, though, it's important to understand the differences between Training and Coaching.  While they are both important, the difference is as follows:

"Training" is about transferring knowledge.  Typically in a group setting and with a structured formal delivery, and is "learned" focused.

RE/MAX West Point Training Academy is designed to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to grow your business and set yourself apart from your competition.  Our professional Academy Courses are every Monday and very well attended.  An example of just some of the Courses offered at RE/MAX West Point Training Academy are listed below. 

Connect with us to attend one of these session to see if this is what you are missing!

"Coaching" is the actual application of knowledge in an informed way.  A good Coaching program must include a detailed, Goal Oriented Tracking System and, most importantly Accountability and has an "applied" focus. 

Think of your favorite sport.  Now look at the best in their Industry...they ALL have a Coach.  Why?  They already have the knowledge, but the application process and continued strengthening in their field is achieved by Coaching.

Our Coach at RE/MAX West has decades in our Industry and has been successful in Coaching many of the TOP 100 Realtors in the Toronto Real Estate Board.   You just can't beat that opportunity!  Connect with us for more information.


Some of the Programs taught in our Real Estate Academy and Coaching Programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Scripts and Dialogues - an 8 Week Program that provides you with the dialogue you need to handle objections, acquire listings and easily get Buyer Representations signed.  See Calendar for dates - if you have missed a session contact us to register for an upcoming one or to arrange a Confidential Interview.

  • Creating an Unstoppable Mind - Our minds are a very powerful thing.   Your mind creates your reality...whatever you will achieve.  Your mind can steer you to the highest peak of success, or hijack you to a downward spiral of mediocracy or, worse, failure.   You chose Real Estate as a career to live your life at an optimal level.  This program will help you become the master of your mind and program it to achieve every goal you set for yourself...and then some!
    See Calendar for dates

  • Creating a Winning Listing Presentation - sounds simple, right?  It's not.  You are competing with over 50,000 Realtors within the GTA. Why would a Seller hire to manage the sale of the their greatest asset?  What sets you apart from your competitor?  How can you introduce more buyers to their home then any of your competitors?  What does a successful Listing Presentation consist of?  How do you handle the Sellers objections?  Our 4 week program arms you with knowledge you need to successfuly set the stage for your next Listing Appointment.  See Calendar for dates
  • Lead Generation and Prospecting - Of course, lead generation and prospecting are intrinsic cogs in the wheels of a successful career.  Our 4 week program has proven to help you optimize the sales process by perfecting both a lead generating strategy and a sales prospecting strategy.   See Calendar for dates
  • Goal Setting Series - Goals are important to strategic planning because they turn your short and long term vision into measurable targets.  Objectives outline the specific daily, weekly and monthly activities that pave the road to achieving your Goals.  See Calendar for dates
  • Brian Buffini "Peak Producers" ProgamThis 12 week program provides you with the knowledge needed to help rid you of the "highs and lows" of your income stream and to get you producing at a consistant high level.  Whether you are a 15 year veteran or a brand new Realtor, this program will help you build and grow a successful career.  See Calendar for dates
  • Team Training - There are many facets that are part of creating and growing a successful Team.  Take part of our RE/MAX Master Team Program, attend the Ultimate Team Event and meet incredible Team Leaders, such as Frank Leo and Associates.See Calendar for dates
  • Commercial - Our Commercial focused Realtors meet regularly to share insights, knowledge and projects they are working on.  We have seen many deals put together because of the meeting of the minds and the interactivity of these very successful Realtors.   Connect with us to ask about our Commercial Division programs.
  • Accredited Elite Advocacy Program -  3 day advanced legal format program delivered by Brian Madigan including:  Disclosure * Agreement of Purchase and Sale * Chattels and Fixtures * Surveys, Boundries and Adverse Posssession * Family Law and the Matrimonial Home * Estate and Succession Planning * Estate Administration and Special Contract Issues * Agency, Duties Acting for Buyers and Sellers * 7 Most Important Supreme Court Cases for Real Estate * Risk Management  Connect with us to attend the next session
  • New Agent Program - We remember what it was like to be new in the Industry.  Our Rising Star program quicky gets you oriented with the tools and systems you need in your Career.  This, of course, compliments all the other Training and Coaching we provide our Realtors.  See Calendar for dates or Email us for more information or a Confidential Interview

Incorporating Your Real Estate Business

Just like RE/MAX and RE/MAX West, over 35 years ago, fought for and won the Independant Contractor Status for Realtors in Canada, we are also on the forefront to bring Realtor Incorporation in Ontario.  There are a number of benefits to being with a Company who can help you Incorporate your Business.

  • Under the Income Tax Act, a small incorporated business is taxed at a rate of 15%   (As an Independant Contractor earning in excess of $200,000, you are taxed at approx. 50%.    That's quite a savings!)
  • Tax deferral opportunities allow you to invest tax savings to your real estate portfolio and build your retirement funds within the corporate structure
  • There are income splitting opportunities with adult members of your Family
  • Flexible self-payment options, including dividend income, salary, commissions, etc.
  • Tax deductable life insurance programs
  • Advantage in the marketplace with you being the President and or Broker of Record of your own Brokerage
  • Your Administration is still done by RE/MAX West on your own Lone Wolf Program

These are many good reasons why you should investigate the Incorporation option with us.  Connect with us today and we will be happy to sit down with you to explain the advantages and how it works in greater detail.


 Do You Want Leads?

Google Explore has clearly shown that the RE/MAX brand is, by far, the most popular Brand when the consumer is searching online for real estate.  This dramatically increases the number of leads generated on our Realtors listings. 

In addition, we receive Buyer leads and inquiries directly from other Brokerage listings via the IDX.     RE/MAX West and their Representatives have benifited by receiving hundreds of leads per month because of the online popularity of our Brand.

Connect with us so we can show you how you can receive more leads from your listings as well as receive leads on other Brokerage listings.

Management/Recruiter Opportunities

RE/MAX West has expanded to 10 offices across the Greater Toronto Area over the last several years.  This is not only convenient for our Realtors, but also provides our Brokerage with the economy of scale that smaller Brokerages don't have to provide Training, Systems and Tools that help fuel our Realtors' business.

With growth, comes the need for Leadership Roles within the Company.

  If you feel you are ready and possess the skills required to help grow and Manage, contact us for a Confidential Interview.

New Agent Reimbursement Program

RE/MAX West acknowledges the cost and time invested to become registered in Ontario as a Realtor.  We are also so confident in our Coaching and Training Programs, that we will reimburse newly Registered Realtors who join us for all 5 courses.   Contact us today to learn about this great opportunity with RE/MAX West Realty Inc.



Value Proposition

With over 4 decades in the business of helping Realtors prosper, RE/MAX West is steeped in the belief that Coaching, Training, Systems and Tools, for all levels of a Realtor's Career, are paramount to their success and growth.  Contact us today for a Confidential Interview to become a part of this dynamic, successful Brokerage!



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